Imagine-contact.com is an online service provider which offers a convenient web search engine to content associated with celebrities posted on Usenet newsgroups. Usenet was invented in 1979, long before the birth of the World Wide Web, and it remains a distinct medium. One of the differences between Usenet and the Web is the manner in which content is published and distributed. Whereas the Web generally follows a one-to-many model, Usenet follows a many-to-many model. One of the results of this different model is that, for instance, a Usenet provider can have the entirety of Usenet on its own server for its own users, whereas a Web access provider would simply provide its users with a link to other servers.

Users are able to search for text and binary postings associated with their favorite celebrities. For binary postings, non-subscribers are able to view thumbnail results and the locations of other relevant web-based resources associated with their favorite celebrities. Usenet access subscribers are additionally able to view the entire newsgroup posting, including any attached encoded image files. Subscribers must use a browser or other client capable of decoding the image file, because binary files are not decoded on the server. Any attached image files are passed through untouched from the Usenet to the user.

The content on Imagine-contact.com is directly obtained from the Usenet, and as such, reflects the uploaded files of millions of people worldwide. As an online service provider, Imagine-contact.com does not, and physically cannot, editorialize the content posted on Usenet. A small portion of Usenet postings associated with celebrities are of an adult nature. Users who may object to such content are encouraged to not use this service. Imagine-contact.com also adheres strictly to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), and copyright owners who need content removed should let us know for its prompt removal.